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The Perfect Combination of Quality Filtration and Comfortability

Coway Prime Water Purifier P-6320L

Utilize the Most of Your Kitchen Slim and Space Saving Design

Our space saving design allows you to conveniently drink filtered water, whenever you wish.

The Exact Amount of Water You Desire At the Touch of a Button

3 button capability allows you to choose the exact amount of water you would like to fill up.

Modern Design & Natural Color That Fits Any Type of Kitchen

Sanitary Transparent Faucet for Easy Cleaning and Detachment

With a transparent detachable faucet, you can check whether there is contamination. Easy to separate and wash.

Extremely Easy to Maintain Design That Makes Sanitation Simple

Contaminated front surface is a flat design for easy cleaning. Clean with a smooth material like cloth.


P-6320L Prime Water Purifier

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