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All year feels like new, 3 stage cleaning system

Water path, nozzle & toilet bowl cleaning.
The three stages cleansing function, which consists of water path cleaning for every channel of water flow in the bidet and the Nozzle &toilet bowl cleaning for the nozzles and toilet bowl easily exposed to contamination.

This three-stage cleaning function using electrolyzed water allows the users to use the product with relief and for better cleaning.

Clean with various cleaning functions tasking to user

Soft but powerful cleaning functions designed considering your body structure always ensures clean use.

Clean with hygienic materials

The stainless steel nozzles and the drying duct can be detachable for the cleaning.

Ultra power saving Green-plug system

Our power-saving technology “Green-plug” keeps your bidet usage patters to smartly reduce energy consumption during idle time.

BAS-22 Premium Bidet

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